2/8/19: BREAKING HABITS is now available to view on Netflix. 

28/7/19: BREAKING HABITS has won the Best Feature award at the London Cannabis Film Festival! 

28/3/19: BREAKING HABITS will be screened in select theatres across the US from April 19th.

19/9/18: WILDFIRE is the debut feature film written and directed by Cathy Brady and co-produced by Charles Steel and Carlo Cresto-Dina, for Cowboy Films.  Music Supervision by Carmen Montanez-Callan.

3/9/18: Carmen Montanez-Callan is nominated for a Best Music Supervisor (TV) award at the Music Week Sync Awards 2018! See all nominations here

29/8/18: The guys over at UK & European Guild of Music Supervisors interviewed Carmen! Thanks guys! Have a read here

7/6/18: FASTER: RACE THE WORLD is a 6 x 60 min globetrotting car competition series for Sky One, currently filming. Exec produced by Amanda Westwood and Joanne Timoney. Music supervised by Carmen Montanez-Callan. 

4/6/18: A NORTHERN SOUL is a feature-length documentary film written and directed by Sean McAllister and co-produced by Elhum Shakerifar and Sean McAllister, for 10 Foot Films in collaboration with the BBC. Music clearance and licensing by Carmen Montanez-Callan.

29/05/18: MOTHER FATHER SON is an 8 x 60 min drama for BBC Two, currently filming. Written by Tom Rob Smith, directed by James Kent, produced by Sharon Bloom and Lisa Osborne, line produced by Lorraine Goodman and music supervised by Carmen Montanez-Callan. 

13/05/18: MURDERED FOR BEING DIFFERENT has won a BAFTA for Best Single Drama, 2018! 

20/03/18: MURDERED FOR BEING DIFFERENT has won the RTS award for Best Single Drama, 2018!

16/03/18: BBC Two announces new 1x90 min Drama, MOTHER'S DAY. The film focusses on the 1993 Warrington bombing and stars Anna Maxwell Martin and Vicky McClure. Written by Nick Leather, directed by Fergus O'Brien, produced by Scott Bassett, Music Supervised by Carmen Montanez-Callan.