Credit List

2024 [forthcoming] - Supacell (drama series)
Directed by Rapman
New Wave Agency / Netflix

2024 [forthcoming] - Tell Me Everything Series 2 (drama series)
Directed by Richard Senior & Ruth Carney

2024 - Boarders (comedy drama series)
Directed by Ethosheia Hylton & Sarmad Masud
Studio Lambert / BBC Three / All3Media

2023 - Hullraisers Series 2 (comedy series)
Directed by Ian Fitzgibbon
Fable Pictures / Channel 4 / Sony Pictures

2023 - The Fake Sheikh (docuseries)
Directed by Ceri Isfryn
Voltage TV / Amazon Studios

2023 - The Reluctant Traveler (drama series)
Executive Producer David Brindley 
Twofour / Apple TV+

2023 - This Little Show of Mine (drama series)
Directed by Ellyn Daniels
Burn These Words / Amazon Prime 

2022 - Made in the '80s: The Future is Now (docuseries)
Directed by Simon Gilchrist
Rogan Productions / Channel 4

2022 - This England (drama series)
Directed by Michael Winterbottom
Revolution Films / Sky Atlantic / Freemantle 

2022 - Tell Me Everything (drama series)
Directed by Richard Senior & Marley Morrison 
NOHO Film and Television / ITV Studios

2021 - Black Power: A British Story of Resistance (feature documentary)
Directed by George Amponsah
Rogan Productions / BBC Two

2021 - Freddie Mercury: The Final Act (feature documentary)
Directed by James Rogan
Rogan Productions / BBC Two

2021 - Bull (feature film)
Directed by Paul Andrew Williams
Giant Productions 

2020 - Wildfire (feature film)
Directed by Cathy Brady
Cowboy Films / BFI

2019-2021 - Britannia (2 x drama series)
Created by Jez Butterworth & Tom Butterworth
Vertigo Films / Sky Atlantic

2020 - FireFlies Patagonia: A Handful of Dust (documentary)
Directed by Jay Brasier-Creagh
La Casa Films

2013-2020 - Our Girl (3 x drama series)
Created by Tony Grounds
BBC Studios

2019 - MotherFatherSon (drama series)
Created by Tom Rob Smith
BBC Studios

2018 - Mother's Day (drama)
Directed by Fergus O'Brien
BBC Studios

2018 - Breaking Habits (feature documentary)
Directed by Robert Ryan
Salon Pictures

2018 - Team Kahn (feature documentary)
Directed by Oliver Clark & Blair Macdonald
Novemba Films

2018 - A Northern Soul (feature documentary)
Directed by Sean McAllister
10Ft Films / Sharp House 

2017 - The Boy With The Topknot (single drama)
Directed by Lynsey Miller
Kudos / BBC Studios

2017 - Murdered For Being Different (single drama)
Directed by Paul Andrew Williams
BBC Studios

2017 - Momento Mori (short film)
Directed by Scott Bassett
Hanabi Films

2016 - Walk With Me: The Trials of Damon J. Keith (feature documentary)
Directed by Jesse Nesser

2015 - Don't Take My Baby (single drama)
Directed by Ben Anthony
BBC Studios

2015 - From Darkness (drama series)
Directed by Dominic Leclerc
BBC Studios

2015 - They Will Have To Kill Us First: Malian Music In Exile (feature documentary)
Directed by Johanna Schwartz
Mojo Musique